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When you’re alone and you need it, cheap phone sex is what you want

I know the prudes among you will frown upon this, but for lots of single men who find themselves alone at the end of a busy day, cheap phone sex is exactly what the doctor has ordered.

We live in a fast paced society where people tend to think about themselves first and the others later. Humanity has become the ego center of the world and the cult of “ME” has trumped everything else.  If we’re not going to benefit directly from something, or someone, then as a whole, we’re simply not interested.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but by in large, when it comes to the well being of others, we don’t really care.

You might consider this as an admission that the world we live in is completely screwed up and perhaps it is.  I used to be a whole lot more optimistic when I was younger, but throughout my life, I have witnessed the true nature of mankind, and at times it hasn’t made for a pleasant sight.

Think about it… In some places of this earth of ours, entire groups of people are being slaughtered by other groups and the world largely remains silent.  Oh, I know, there are voices out there who lament what is happening on the other side of the world, but theirs is a void, listless lamentation that stops as soon as it is spoken.

We live in the cult of: “I want it now, I want it free, and so be it”. It doesn’t matter if someone else has paid for it, some think that they are entitled to it and if they want it, then they should very well have it…

As you might have gathered from the first sentence of this article, I am a single man. I am also in my mid thirties.  The truth is I’ve not always been single, and in fact I have had a couple of long term relationships over the years, but for reasons of incompatibility, or whatever, neither has worked out.  For singles out there, finding a companion with whom you can spend time with, go the movies, sit down for a meal at a local restaurant …etc… can be a daunting proposition.

The way to meet that elusive partner varies according to your circumstances. If you know someone who knows someone else who is also single, then you are in luck.  If you can hookup with people at your local bar, then you’re also in luck.  In both cases, at least you an opportunity to meet someone, get to know her and who knows, go from there.


Personally, there are no single ladies, friends of friends of mine in my circle, nor do I much care for the local bar scene.  Therefore, for people like me, organized dating, whether it be online or through a brick and mortar matchmaking company is the way to go.

It’s a long way though, a tortured path with walls and obstacles you have to navigate and even when you become more of an expert at finding your way through this infernal maze, you still need that piece of lady luck to help you find the lady of your dream.

So when all is said and done, after I have wined and dined yet another dating prospect and find myself back at home with less money in my wallet and desires that I don’t really care to talk about, then yes… phone sex is what I use…